Bladder Leaks? UTI? Overactive Bladder? Pelvic Floor Dysfunction? Incontinence? Menopause? WE CAN HELP!

Our products are TAX FREE and COVERED by Private INSURANCE, many provincial disability reimbursement programs such as ODSP, WSIB, EHSS, Medicare, Medicaid, Medi-Cal, VAC/VA- federal programs for veterans and NIHB for first nations.

  • "The ActivGo Kit is well thought out and works very well. It is comfortable and easy to use. I am travelling to Antarctica in the near future and wanted a system for 2 -3 hour excursion landings without bladder discomfort. The telephone support is most helpful ensuring I had everything I needed."

    -R. Collins

  • "After suffering from prostate problems for 15 years my husband had to have a removal and it left him completely incontinent. The Afex system was fully covered by our insurance and my husband loves the freedom he has from the embarrassing pads he was wearing."


  • "Buying the ActivGo System has changed my life. After I acknowledged I had a problem, I bought the kit. Then I drummed up courage to use it. Got my confidence. Now I have my life back. If I have any questions I telephone ActivKare the support is so reassuring because they are so knowledgeable."


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