stop bladder leaks

Finally one less thing I have to worry about today!


'Better than soggy smelly pads!'            I couldn't believe the difference that a small bit of plastic makes to my exercising! I went from embarrassing pads and jumper tied around my middle - to a size smaller and dry exercising - Phew! What a relief! I like to do body combat, it is physical and lots of jumping, and jarring, and whenever I has to do some set routines I would leak, it really stopped me letting myself go and getting the best out of my exercise class. 
Easy to use, simple to rinse, I use it for exercising and I presume it just supports or adds pressure somewhere important - but I really can't feel it. Absolutely amazing, much better than buying soggy smelly panty pads Girls!

Tracey L.

"Brilliant!!" I am a competitive runner who had come to accept that incontinence was the price I paid for continuing in my sport, and used pads all the time, and became resilient to the embarrassment of running wet. Within 2 runs of using Contiform I have ditched the pads and run 100% dry. It really is life changing for me


"User friendly" Once sized correctly Contiform is a very user friendly device that provides women with added confidence to carry out normal activities. Especially effective for those who leak mainly during sport or exercise. In our experience, it is a very useful tool for managing stress incontinence.

Wendy Allen and Anthea Reus – Nurse Continence Advisors, Pelvic Floor Bladder Unit, St George

"A real liberation"

I'm raving to my contacts about this product because it has allowed me to resume my physical activity without worrying about leaking. Contiform is great news and a real liberation!

-Claire, Toronto

"Afex has changed my life"

I've suffered from MS for close to 20 years and Afex has allowed me to resume my daily pilates without thinking about leaks. I'm comfortable, dry, odour free and best of all no one knows I'm using it. Thank you Afex!

L. Belleville, ON

I had prostate cancer in 2004 and for the last 14 years have had to wear diapers and needing to change every 2 hours like a baby - no fun!! Until I found the HeWee Go ACTIVE system and now I'm in heaven! I give this product 10 out of 10 as it has changed my life. If you have any questions contact Alex at Custom Divers - he will be very happy to help you. Very happy user!

Robert from USA

Hewee Go.
Only had it for a few days as I have short term issues caused by medical treatment, this causes frequency and urgency issues, but life must go on. Having being restricted when going out to a 40 minute max between peeing I can actually go out and do things. With the HeWee it allowed me to go out visiting, errands and for a meal, first time in over a month! The negatives are the diaphragm take some getting used too [build the time up and use talc!] Looser fitting trousers also better. The positives are that I can get on with everything without always looking for the loo's or dashing off every 10-40 minutes etc!

My daughter is a 16 year old competitive trampolinist and developed urinary incontinence in the past year. Pads were impossible to keep discreet in her leotard, so we tried a disposable, insertable brand from the drugstore- it had her in tears trying to remove it and it was very uncomfortable to wear. Our last resort and only other option was being fitted for a pessary from a gynecologist- imagine at 16! A friend of mine found Contiform online for herself and suggested we try it because it worked so well for her. It was a bit cumbersome at first glance but once folded and wetted with water she said it was as easily and comfortably inserted and removed as a small tampon. My daughter is so happy that she’s dry and no one knows she has a “leak” problem.  L.M. Toronto, ON, Canada

L.M. Toronto, ON, Canada

I am a busy Mom of two and play hockey in the winter and ball hockey in the summer. I typically go through one heavy pad each game period which I have to leave the game for. Plus just regular day to day activities has me wearing pads all day every day. My Mom found Contiform online and suggested I buy it and considering how much I spend on pads every week anything was worth a shot. It works! I am so happy to not think about pads for my leakage all day that I feel a weight off my shoulders. I can focus on my kids and sports and not how often I have to change a pad or worry about an accident through my clothes. Thank you Contiform! M.P. Cornwall, ON, Canada

M.P. Cornwall, ON, Canada