X-Top  (X top) Pouch (Cuff) for Men`s Urinary Incontinence

X-Top (X top) Pouch (Cuff) for Men`s Urinary Incontinence

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X Top is designed  for those with urinary leakage (Incontinence).

This product is the only pouch-like guard (Cuff) on the market able to provide 360 degrees of protection.

Patented Supercore® technology maintains optimal dryness. Ergonomic design combined with a breathable, waterproof outer cover elicit comfort and fit for the wearer.

Highly absorbent pouch effective at managing unwanted urinary overflow (Bladder Leak). Soft, discreet, and easily concealed under clothing. Secures firmly in place with adjustable hook-tab. For use in regular underwear.

Absorbency 6 oz.
Classes Available Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Shop For Men, Youth
Incontinence Type Urinary Incontinence
Odor Control Excellent
Reusability Disposable
Backsheet Breathable, Waterproof


X Top Level 1, Blue, comes with 16 counts of pouches ( Light Protection)

X Top Level 2, Green, comes with 12 counts of pouches (Moderate Protection)

X Top Level 3, Purple, comes with 9 counts of pouches (Overnight Protection)