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Utiva UTI Control Gummies for Kids - Cranberry PACs (18mg) 120 Gummies

Utiva UTI Control Gummies for Kids - Cranberry PACs (18mg) 120 Gummies

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Why Utiva UTI Control Gummies?

High-quality cranberry PACs are typically only available in a pill or capsule format which makes it less convenient for some to take. Each serving of UTI Control Gummies provides 18mg of PACs and is tested to ensure anti-adhesion activity against bacteria is provided.



Take 4 gummies every day to attain 18mg PACs at the same time.

Drug interactions and safety

All Vitamin K has been removed to minimize interaction with blood thinners, and only trace amounts of oxalates exist to reduce the impact on kidney stones.

Amazing Grape Flavour!

PACs are measured by DMAC/A2.

Product Highlights

Gummy Format for Kids

Easy to take with benefits of PACs and an enjoyable taste.

100% Natural - Non-Antibiotic Prevention Option

Utiva carefully selects cranberries known to have high PAC content, sourced locally in North America, to produce this unique product.

Recommended by Doctors

Healthcare practitioners from across North America recommend Utiva Urinary Tract Infection Control Supplement to female and male patients to help prevent UTIs and support good urinary tract health.

Clinically-Proven Research

Utiva's main active ingredient is proanthocyanidins (PACs), clinically proven to be the cranberries' most bioactive component for naturally treating UTIs. 

UTI Control Gummies will help you if:

If You Suffer from Chronic UTIs

Whether your UTIs don't respond to antibiotic treatment or keep recurring, Utiva UTI Control Supplements are a 100% natural way to reduce your Chronic UTIs.

 You want natural health

You want natural health but pills are not for you.
You Want to Avoid Antibiotic Resistance

Break the UTI-antibiotics cycle to avoid antibiotic resistance. Utiva provides a natural solution to prevent urinary tract infections and limit your dependence on antibiotics.

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