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Pacey Cuff™ Power Kit

Pacey Cuff™ Power Kit

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Dr. Jack Pacey has developed the revolutionary Pacey Cuff™ to solve men’s urinary incontinence issues in a way that wasn’t possible before. The clamp is history - urethral control devices like this are here to stay. 

All-Day Comfort - Urine Control - Protects Blood Flow

There is no longer a reason to worry about leaking urine. Life is short, make sure you stop leaking urine without blocking circulation with Pacey Cuff™.

Pacey Continence Cuff bundle pack includes: 

  • The uniquely designed Turbo Urethral Pressure Pad™ blocks unwanted urine flow, allowing you to live your life with confidence;
  • The Fenestrated Hood™ protects the blood flow to the penis, ensuring that you live in absolute comfort;
  • Adjustable Velcro® strap provides a comfortable custom fit for you.
  • Our uniquely reusable Guard uses adsorbent neoprene to ensure a comfortable and odour-free solution.

How the Pacey Cuff Works

Q & A

How to adjust


Length: measure flaccid non erect penis stretched to length and including the Glans
Circumference: measure flaccid penis at mid shaft 



Hi it's Ingrid D. calling for my husband Brian. You contacted him last week regarding the sizing of his Pacey Cuff™. He reported to me today that he is gone from 75% to probably 95%. It's been life changing for him and he's not having to rely on incontinence products that he did before. We just wanted to thank you.– Brian & Ingrid D.
Jim has been using all kinds of Clamps over the past several years and he confirmed that the Pacey Cuff™ is the best option available. He said that after a couple of tries using it and understanding how to tighten the Cuff adequately, he has been able to achieve full leak protection. He said it was extremely comfortable and was allowing him to even go out and have a drink with his friends without the worry that he would normally have.– Jim A.
The device does work towards the goal of helping our patients live normally after Prostate Cancer Treatment.– Candace Frey, Prostate Cancer Centre (LPN – Clinical Coordinator of RAC 4 Program)


For health and hygiene reasons, and in accordance with Health Canada and the FDA, this item is NON-RETURNABLE.

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