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Afex ActivKare Mobility Assist Day And Night

Afex ActivKare Mobility Assist Day And Night

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This Afex Mobility Assist Day and Night-time Kit includes:

  • A120* Afex  Mobility assist starter kit
  • A200SA* Afex  Briefs 
  • A200CS* Afex  Core Support Brief
  • A300H Afex  High Penile Receptacle
  • A300LS Afex Low Super Soft Penile Receptacle
  • A700A Afex  Extension Tube Assembly
  • A700S Afex  Tube Stabilizer
  • A400X Afex Bed Bag- 2 Liter
  • A400L Afex  Leg Bag- 1200ml
  • A800W Afex Leg Bag Holder- White
  • A530P Afex Penile Secure Wraps- 3 pack
  • A600C Afex Cleansing Container
  • A604S Afex 4oz Cleanser 

***For night-time use it is important to remember that the entire Afex system works with gravity and the pelvis should always be lower than the back while laying down. A simple solution is to incline the mattress 10-15 degrees. If the bed is not adjustable a wedge or books may be placed under the mattress or an extra pillow under the user's shoulders and back.

**The Afex High Penile Receptacle must always be in a downward position with the attached Extension Tube placed under the knee and attached to the Leg Bag which is placed at the calf in the Leg Bag Holder. The Bed Urine Bag may be tied to the lower portion of the bed or placed on the floor.

*While in a seated position, the Afex Extension Tube must always be placed under the knee with the Afex Low Super Soft Penile Receptacle in a downward position.


Please call us with any questions or concerns. 1(855)811-FREE or 1(855)811-3733 or email


For health and hygiene reasons, and in accordance with Health Canada and the FDA, this item is NON-RETURNABLE.

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