Afex® 1200ml Vented Leg Urine Collection Bag

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The Afex® 1200ml Vented Urinary Leg Bag is double sealed for increased protection and durability. A specialized membrane integrated into the vented collection bag allows air to vent out while liquid stays in. The proprietary back-flow valve ensures liquid stays in the bag during movement and activity. The secure drain clamp allows users to easily empty the bag at their convenience. The Afex® Urinary Leg Bag is designed for use with the Afex® Urinary Tube Extension Pack (A700) for easy and rapid connect or disconnect of the collection bag. It can be used in conjunction with a Leg Bag Holder (A800) for better discreetness and stability at the calf or ankle.

Proper use of the Urinary Leg Bag requires a Penile Receptacle of your preference and a Urinary Tube Extension Pack (A700-A). Make sure to purchase these two Afex products before completing your order or buy a Mobility-assisted Starter Kit (A120).