Pacey Cuff™ Men's Urethral Control Device

Dr. Jack Pacey has developed the revolutionary Pacey Cuff™ to solve men’s urinary incontinence issues in a way that wasn’t possible before. The clamp is history - urethral control devices like this are here to stay. 

All-Day Comfort - Urine Control - Protects Blood Flow

There is no longer a reason to worry about leaking urine. Life is short, make sure you stop leaking urine without blocking circulation with Pacey Cuff™.

Pacey Continence Cuff includes: 

  • The uniquely designed Turbo Urethral Pressure Pad™ blocks unwanted urine flow, allowing you to live your life with confidence;
  • The Fenestrated Hood™ protects the blood flow to the penis, ensuring that you live in absolute comfort;
  • Adjustable Velcro® strap provides a comfortable custom fit for you.

How the Pacey Cuff Works-

Q & A- See more questions and answers below!

How to adjust-


Length: measure flaccid non erect penis stretched to length and including the Glans
Circumference: measure flaccid penis at mid shaft 



Hi it's Ingrid D. calling for my husband Brian. You contacted him last week regarding the sizing of his Pacey Cuff™. He reported to me today that he is gone from 75% to probably 95%. It's been life changing for him and he's not having to rely on incontinence products that he did before. We just wanted to thank you.– Brian & Ingrid D.
Jim has been using all kinds of Clamps over the past several years and he confirmed that the Pacey Cuff™ is the best option available. He said that after a couple of tries using it and understanding how to tighten the Cuff adequately, he has been able to achieve full leak protection. He said it was extremely comfortable and was allowing him to even go out and have a drink with his friends without the worry that he would normally have.– Jim A.
The device does work towards the goal of helping our patients live normally after Prostate Cancer Treatment.– Candace Frey, Prostate Cancer Centre (LPN – Clinical Coordinator of RAC 4 Program)
Pacey Cuff FAQ's
1. Who is the Pacey Cuff intended for?
  • Men with incontinence due to postradical prostatectomy or radiotherapy changes.
  •  Men with stress incontinence

2. What do you need to use the Pacey Cuff?

  • Manual dexterity and the ability to learn how to use an advanced personal tool.

3. What size penis does the Pacey Cuff work on?

  • Penis circumference of at least 3cm (1.4”) (small), up to a circumference of approximately 14cm (5.5”) (large)
  •  Penis length of at least 3.5cm (1.4”) (small) and 4.5cm (1.8”) (medium & large)

4. How do I apply the Pacey Cuff?

  • Always compress the upper and lower parts together with the dominant hand.
  • Compress until you feel that the compression would stop leakage.

i. NOTE: This is the same action as squeezing your penis with your fingers
to stop leakage. But in this case, you have the Pacey Cuff top and bottom
between your fingers, squeezing the penis.

  • Apply the strap with the other hand when you achieve the desired tightness. Note the number on the strap and use during reapplication. If leakage continues, remove the Cuff and try again.
  • Squeeze the penis with Pacey Cuff top and bottom but apply a tighter squeeze than before.
  • The goal with the Pacey Cuff is to limit leakage with the least amount of pressure necessary. This will ensure comfort and maintain circulation in the penis.

5. Is the Pacey Cuff a Clamp?

  •  No the Pacey Cuff is not a clamp. Unlike traditional penile clamps, the Pacey Cuff preserves the circulation in the penis.
  • Because of the adjustable design of the Pacey Cuff, it will take some practice to use. The key is to find your correct settings needed to minimize the leaks.

6. How does the Pacey Cuff work?

  • The Pacey Cuff uses a urethral pressure pad (bottom) to apply pressure to the urethra and stem the flow of urine.
  • The fenestrated hood (top) of the Pacey Cuff ensures the circulation in the penis is not blocked.
  • As the bladder fills, the pressure increases, resulting in possible leakage.
  • The Pacey Cuff is most effective when you empty your bladder at regular intervals.

7. How long will it likely take me to get the Pacey Cuff to work? 

  • The average time it takes a new user to become comfortable with using the Pacey Cuff is 24 days.
  • Keep trying and don’t give up! When you find the right technique, the Pacey Cuff is very effective and comfortable for the majority of men!
  • We recommend using a light pad as a backup when using the Pacey Cuff.

i. Pacey MedTech offers the reusable Pacey Cuff Drip Guard.

8. How do I adjust the Pacey Cuff?

i. Varying the tightness of the top strap (note the number that works for you)
ii. Moving the bottom compressor in either direction.
  • Start application with the bottom part set around the 23 mark attach the Pacey Cuff. If leaking stops, make note of the top number on the top strap (this is the setting that will stop the leaks)
  • If after the first attempt you are leaking, remove the Pacey Cuff and tighten the Cuff. You do this by shifting the bottom part toward a higher number (44.5). Reattach the Pacey Cuff.
  •  If after the first attempt you feel your skin pinching, try to manually remove the skin from the corners. If that does not resolve the issue, remove the Pacey Cuff. Loosen the Cuff by shifting the bottom part toward a lower number (12). Reattach the Pacey Cuff.
  • When you find your optimal settings, make note of the numbers centered on both the top and bottom straps. These are the settings that are right for you!
  • The closure number is usually consistent and reliable.
9. I’m feeling pinching what can I do?
  • If you feel pinching, try to manually remove the skin pinched between the upper and lower parts of the Cuff. Pinched skin would be the only cause of pain when using the Pacey Cuff.
  •  If you are unable to remove the pinched skin from the corner of the Pacey Cuff, remove the Cuff and reapply. Take care to keep the skin away from the gaps.
  • Petroleum jelly (ie. Vaseline) on the skin or Pacey Cuff can also be useful to protect the skin.
10. Can I use the Pacey Cuff if I am uncircumcised?
  • Yes, you can. Do not retract the foreskin before applying the Pacey Cuff. Allow the foreskin to rest in its natural position and apply the Cuff behind the head of the penis.
11. Can I use the Pacey Cuff if I have a penile implant?
  •  There are no contraindications for use of the Pacey Cuff with implants.
  • Use the Cuff as directed and discontinue use if any irritation occurs.
12. Are there any contraindications for using the Pacey Cuff?
  • Consult the Instructions for Use provided, prior to use.
  • Treat any existing skin infections before using the Pacey Cuff. Follow the instructions of your physician. Possible comorbidities may impact the use of the device. (Please discuss them with your caregiver or physician).
  • Possible comorbidities include but are not limited to:
i. Poor blood supply to the pelvic area.
ii. Diabetes may cause vascular disease, sensory loss, and skin issues.
iii. Neurologic deficiency or drug use may limit the use of the PaceyCuff.

13. Are there any known side effects of Pacey Cuff use?

  •  The regular or continuous use of the Pacey Cuff may cause a modest enlargement of the penis. There are no other known side effects associated with the use of the Pacey Cuff.
  •  Skin irritation is possible if skin pinching is not prevented.

14. Can you wear the Pacey Cuff continuously throughout the day and night?

  •  The Pacey Cuff is primarily for day use. Lessen the compression of the Pacey Cuff at night when there is less need for control.
  • Please discuss the use of the device over a 24 hour period with a medical professional.
  • Always void every 12 hours, depending on fluid intake.

15. Should one wear a protective pad with the Pacey Cuff?

  • We recommend wearing a protective pad with the Pacey Cuff to absorb any drops that may occur.
  • Conditions such as bladder filling and vigorous exercise (ex. skiing, jogging etc) may increase the pressure on the bladder and result in some leaking.
  • We recommend that regular voiding occur when wearing the Pacey Cuff (every 12 hours).
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