Little fish in a BIG pond

Little fish in a BIG pond

Sometimes its little extra things you do that can make a big impact on those around you.

I attended the UNC, Urological Nurses of Canada and CUA Canadian Urological Association conference from June 24th-26th in Toronto in 2017 and it was awe inspiring!

iKare Med is a small company specializing in comfortable, reusable and innovative incontinence devices and let me tell you I was the little fish. That said however, the positive response I received from other BIG Pharma exhibitors like Coloplast, Amgen and Pfizer was overwhelmingly encouraging! Thank you Mario and Erica for your kind words of encouragement and mutual doctor, nurse and clinic connections.

The UNC Nurses (many of whom I have met over the past few years) are always wonderful and open for plenty of incontinence discussions including new clients that will benefit from Afex and Contiform. Ladies (and Todd), you are some of the most supportive people I have ever met and introduced me to many new colleagues from across Canada – thankyou

Now the CUA- Wow! I walked out of the nurses conference feeling like a big fish…until I went up a floor at the Westin into the next conference area….I quickly became a guppie lol!

Urologists and Urogynaecologists can be a tough crowd to impress but I had a lineup at my booth at each exhibiting lunch and breaks. Each doctor that took the time to talk to me about the products gave her/his contact information to reach out to their nurses and clinics. Sales of both Contiform and Afex have skyrocketed from their endorsements.

If you think your doctor needs to hear about us please feel free to reach out and we’ll send you brochures and clinical studies.

Onwards and upwards!

An environmentally conscious company, iKare Med strives to provide the highest quality products made from latex free, recyclable and biodegradable materials.

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